11 Spiritual Meanings of Picture Falling from Wall

picture-falling-from wall

Objects possess more than a mere physical form that we can perceive—they also carry potentially strong spiritual energies and symbolisms.  When a picture falls from the wall, an immediate reaction would be to dismiss it as an accident or a fault in the way it was hung. However, from a spiritual standpoint, this occurrence might … Read more

10 Biblical Meanings Of Seeing a Purse in Dream


Dreams, across millennia, have been deemed as windows into the divine, conveying cryptic and meaningful messages and guidance, even when one least expects it.  When one dreams of a purse, it may not necessarily mean money or personal belongings. From a Biblical perspective, a purse harbors deeper connotations inspired by scriptures and heavenly interpretations.  If … Read more

10 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Being Lost in a Mall


A mall, with its various stores, diverse set of people, and endless pathways, can reflect the complexity of human lives, the choices we face, the challenges we go through, and the decisions we make. Dreams about being lost in a mall are disorienting experiences that’s for sure, but they also often carry deep spiritual symbolism … Read more

10 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of Watching Someone Fall to Their Death


Dreams of witnessing someone fall to their death can be extremely unsettling, particularly when you know the person in question. However, they have important underlying spiritual symbolism that you must pay attention to. Such dreams can be interpreted in various ways. However, from a spiritual standpoint, it generally reflects one’s deep-seated fears and feelings. This … Read more

11 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Searching for a Missing Person


Dreams about searching for a missing person may initially be jarring and emotionally stirring, especially if you know who it was. However, these dreams are often laden with deep spiritual and metaphysical symbolism. They reflect one’s innermost desires, fears, and quests one is currently undertaking in their spiritual journey. Let’s explore eleven meanings behind the … Read more

Can Carnelian Go in Water? (And Salt Water)


Carnelian is a beautiful and vibrant gemstone known for its orange to reddish hues. You may have encountered people using it in jewelry or for spiritual purposes. It is often valued for its energizing and empowering properties. If you have a carnelian stone and wonder if it can go in water, you’ve come to the … Read more

Can Moonstone Go in Water? (Answered)


Moonstone, a popular and eye-catching gemstone, has long been admired for its distinctive shimmer and enchanting play of colors. Known for its spiritual associations and healing properties, this captivating stone is used in various forms of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. As the popularity of moonstone increases, wearers may wonder whether moonstone can be … Read more

Can Labradorite Go in (Salt and Moon) Water?


Labradorite, a beautiful and mesmerizing gemstone, often raises questions among crystal enthusiasts, especially regarding its interaction with water. You might wonder if it’s safe to submerge Labradorite stone in water without causing damage. Let’s explore the properties of labradorite and its compatibility with water. Well-known for its iridescent play of color known as labradorescence, labradorite … Read more

Can Amethyst Go in Water? (And Salt Water)


Amethyst, a beautiful and popular semi-precious gemstone, is often used in jewelry and for its metaphysical properties. You might be wondering if it’s safe to put your amethyst crystal in water, whether for cleansing purposes or just to enjoy its aesthetic beauty in a water feature. Yes, Amethyst can safely be placed in water without … Read more

Can Citrine Go in Water? (Salt Water & Bath Water)


Citrine is a beautiful gemstone known for its warm, golden hue and is often associated with success, prosperity, and manifesting positive energy. It is a popular choice for jewelry, home decor, and spiritual practices. Many people believe in the power of cleansing and recharging their stones to maintain their metaphysical properties. This leads to the … Read more